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Swiss credit for Germans

For a long time there were only dubious offers when it came to Swiss credit for Germans from abroad. To be sure, it was popular on everyone’s lips and, above all, on those who had financial difficulties and a negative reputation.

But those who have seriously gone in search of a suitable loan offer, had to quickly realize that while various “credit intermediaries” wanted to take care of it, but it often remains. Because there was no credit, but there were additional costs that had to be dealt with.

What is a Swiss loan for Germans?

What is a Swiss loan for Germans?

The question of what it actually is in a Swiss credit for Germans, is quite justified. As a rule, foreign loans are aimed at consumers who do not receive credit within Germany due to a negative Schufa.

However, only the Schufa may be the sticking point in borrowing. Unemployment, insolvency or other obstacles must not be present.

These would then also prevent the inclusion of a Swiss loan for Germans. Even self-employed people or freelancers – even if they can prove good income – will not be able to claim Swiss credit for Germans.

Where is he taken?

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It is often said that there are various banks abroad that provide a Swiss loan for Germans. But if you look closely, you will notice very quickly that most of the offers are from a single bank.

The bank offers the possibility to take out the loan without an intermediary. As a credit-interested one can thus make the loan application directly at the bank and does not have to go the detour via the intermediary.

space Selected loan amount monthly rate offer 1.) 210,678 times 3,000 dollars from 37 dollars to offer 2.) 186,731 times 10,000 dollars from 122 dollars to offer 3.) 106,248 times 1,000 dollars from 12 dollars to offer 4.) 94,578 times 5,000 dollars from 61 dollars to offer 5.) 58,656 times 120,000 dollars from $ 1,429 to offer 6.) 55,724 times 7,500 dollars from 91 dollars to offer Explanation: So often, the respective loan offer was selected in the last 30 days by our readers. As of: 23.09.2019

This is not only faster, but is also much cheaper. In addition, the Sigma Kreditbank has described on its website, all processes and conditions around the Swiss credit for Germans very accurately.

As an interested party, you do not have to search long for the facts about the offer, but can easily read it there. Without prior registration or commitment.

What can be expected?

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Since it is a schufafreien credit, the interest rates are slightly higher than in classical credit offers from Germany. Whereby the interest burden can also be quickly raised if the credit rating is not optimal.

Three different credit sums are offered. In general, only a small loan up to 7500 dollars is possible.

The repayment starts 2 months after taking out the loan and lasts exactly 40 months. No matter which loan amount you choose.

The interest rate is not variable, it is not credit-dependent. Special repayments or early repayment of the loan are not provided, but can be requested.

It would be important, however, that these two aspects are also noted in the loan agreement so that they do not incur unnecessary costs in the event of their use. All in all, therefore, can be expected with a round offer, which is fair and is geared to the requirements of the borrower.