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How To Get Out Of Debt?

It is easy to get into trouble when you have a bad credit rating, but with the right resources and some time, you can get out of debt.

Things you need to know about getting out of debt

It is the same as having money to start

Many borrowers have a hard time paying their bills, they are stressed, and they need the extra money. Here are some ways to make more money and have the extra money:

You have to decide where you will put your own personal fund. For example, if you are in debt and do not want to go to a bank, you can put your money in an IRA. There are a lot of online brokerage sites that allow you to invest in mutual funds that allow you to either buy or sell without the broker, depending on your needs.

The people you have invested in should also talk to your mutual funds and find out which ones to add to your account. This way, you can get rid of your unsecured debt and build up your real estate. In other words, you want to invest a little bit of your own money in order to pay off the other bills and get out of debt faster.

If you have a debt over a credit card, it is important to be able to manage the payments and debts. It is better to just use a credit card rather than have your accounts maxed out or being charged late fees. Credit cards have a way of rising to outrageous amounts, so make sure that you can make your payments and add a few extra dollars every month to your monthly expenses. This is very important.

When you have bad credit, it is difficult to get a loan

You may end up just using cash for a loan, which is terrible for your credit score. You need a loan for a house, car, and many other things. Here are some steps on how to get out of debt.

When you have poor credit, you need a loan for your home. In fact, the only way you can qualify for a loan is if you have a job. When you have bad credit, your credit score is not what it used to be. Even though you have a job, you still have bad credit.

It is important to have your mortgage broker know about your situation, so that you can use your credit score to help you get approved for a mortgage. A mortgage broker knows about your credit history and the kind of person you are. He will know if you can afford the payment.

Another solution that helps with bad credit and that does not involve a loan is payday loan debt consolidation. This is a process by which you consolidate all of your debts and transfer them all to one provider. You must find a site to buy consolidate payday installment loans.

You do not want to just borrow the money to pay off your debts; you want to ensure that you can repay it and avoid getting into the same situation again. People who do not make timely payments, take out credit on their home, and put themselves in credit debt, are likely to run into debt again.

They will need to begin to rebuild their credit score

You can start to rebuild your credit by setting up a debt management plans. The problem with these types of plans is that you will get monthly statements from your creditors for at least three years.

They will also have a clause stating that they can collect the first six months’ worth of payments from you. Once you have a plan set up, you can have a single payment to the companies, so you do not need to worry about getting a loan again.

Many people, especially those with poor credit, feel that getting a loan is the way to get out of debt. Some of the things that you need to know about getting out of debt include being able to pay your bills and being careful when making purchases.

How to Buy an Online Credit Card

If you have any knowledge of how to use the internet to search for items or services that you want, then you should know that there is no reason for you to be limited to only use online credit card processing. Credit cards are used by millions of people in order to make purchases at retail locations. You can search the internet to find a number of online shopping sites that will help you make these purchases from the comfort of your own home.

You can also use an online credit card to purchase items through online auctions that are popular among many people. You can also make purchases of clothing through auction sites. This is especially good news for shoppers that have a hard time finding a particular item that they want.

Online credit card

When you are interested in an online credit card, there are a number of sites on the internet that will help you make your purchase from one of the many online shopping sites. These sites will give you the option of shopping online for your purchases from the comfort of your own home.

Before you decide to make a purchase with an online card, you should know a little bit about how this card works. The basic idea behind an online credit card is to have a credit card that will be linked to your personal bank account. Once you make a purchase with an online card, the amount is debited from your bank account each time the purchase is made.

When you are trying to find an online credit card, it is important that you look around for different companies. You will be able to compare the different cards and determine which one offers you the most convenient ways to make purchases. You should also consider the fees associated with each of these cards.

Finding the best deals

You can find the best deals on your online credit card by signing up for an account. If you find that the card does not offer you the best deal on the fees associated with the card, then you should look for another online card. You can also sign up for an account with a bank or a credit union, which is a better option because the fees associated with these types of accounts are usually much less than those associated with online credit cards.

You can also find online credit cards by shopping on the internet. By going to a number of different online credit card shopping sites and comparing the rates for each card, you can find a card that will work the best for you. Even if you find that the card you have chosen does not offer you the best deal, you can still use an online credit card to make future purchases.

You can find an online credit card by signing up for an account on an internet shopping site. If you find that the card you have chosen does not offer you the best deal, you can still use an online credit card to make future purchases. You can also sign up for an account with a bank or a credit union, which is a better option than the other options available.

Benefits of having an online credit card

Is that you do not have to leave your home to make any purchases with the card. Instead of having to drive to a store or a gas station in order to make a purchase, you can make a purchase right from your computer. You can pay for the items you want and then keep the money in your account to make future purchases.

If you are looking for an online credit card, you should know that there are some cards that offer a lower interest rate on purchases. than the other cards. You should shop around for a card that offers you the best interest rate and make sure that you compare the different rates before making a purchase with the card.

If you do not make a purchase with the card before the expiry date, you will not be able to use the card. When you do make a purchase with an online credit card, you should know that you are still protected by the same laws that govern any other card. The only way that the card will be revoked is if you do not make a payment with the card. In order to use an online credit card, you should read the terms and conditions and make sure that you understand what is expected of you before you apply.

Five Personal Finance Lessons I Learned From My Grandparents

Family wisdom lessons are passed down through generations, either through the traditional stories told by our ancestors about their adventures, full of epic narrations, in a world where there was no means of communication, or through behaviors and attitudes that, once imitated, become perpetuate itself, creating deep roots in the mentality and heart of the descendants.

Despite the difficulties of many of our grandparents in obtaining formal education, almost everyone here knows, has or had grandparents who bequeathed precious lessons in personal finance, albeit implicitly, through examples and actions. See if you can identify in your grandparents some of the lessons that my grandparents bequeathed about dealing with money – lessons that are precious and more up to date than ever.

Your work is your greatest source of wealth

The best recipe for achieving financial stability involves hard work, persistence and dedication in the area of ​​your specialty. Value what you have most precious: your set of skills and knowledge in a certain area of ​​life. Try to improve it, because it is from it that you will get not only the money to support your family, but also the money to supply your investment plan .

If you don’t like what you do, there are two possible alternatives: look for another job or learn to like what you do. Don’t neglect your best and explore your skills to the limit – and be amazed at the positive results of your efforts.

Investment in education always generates the best returns

Due to life circumstances, you have not had the opportunity to formally educate yourself, dedicating yourself to work to support your family, it is your obligation to invest in the education of your children. Each additional year of studies will generate a substantial increase in earnings for them.

The doors of the labor market will always be open to competent and qualified professionals. Create a family atmosphere that encourages creativity and the love of studies. This is certainly a type of investment that is immune to economic crises, as it is the investment that gets internalized in your mind. And don’t forget, encourage your children to also read and value citizenship and culture.

Invest in real assets that generate cash flow

Your grandparents probably invested in purchases of land, apartments, commercial rooms or home residences to rent or sell and thus have extra cash flow. They did not invest in stocks simply because there was no easy access to this type of market. If there were, they would certainly take the opportunity. Investments backed by real assets are opportunities to add value to the family’s financial assets.

Make the most of everything you have at hand

In other words, practice frugality. Do not waste the resources that are made available to you. When shopping, value every penny you have to get out of your hands. When you consume, think of the thousand and one ways to enjoy each food, each perishable product. Take good care of your durable goods so that they last as long as possible. I suggest reading the articles “The many truths between consumerism and frugality” and “What is frugality”.

There is a time to plant and a time to harvest

Be patient. If your grandparents were farmers, like mine were, they incorporated patience to harvest the best fruits. Metaphorically, if you want to reap good results in your financial life, choose good seeds to plant: hard work, discipline, dedication, self-effort and planning. Don’t be in a hurry to accumulate equity. It is often the result of years and years of dedication. But the effort will always be worth it if you respect the law of sowing.

Swiss credit for Germans

For a long time there were only dubious offers when it came to Swiss credit for Germans from abroad. To be sure, it was popular on everyone’s lips and, above all, on those who had financial difficulties and a negative reputation.

But those who have seriously gone in search of a suitable loan offer, had to quickly realize that while various “credit intermediaries” wanted to take care of it, but it often remains. Because there was no credit, but there were additional costs that had to be dealt with.

What is a Swiss loan for Germans?

What is a Swiss loan for Germans?

The question of what it actually is in a Swiss credit for Germans, is quite justified. As a rule, foreign loans are aimed at consumers who do not receive credit within Germany due to a negative Schufa.

However, only the Schufa may be the sticking point in borrowing. Unemployment, insolvency or other obstacles must not be present.

These would then also prevent the inclusion of a Swiss loan for Germans. Even self-employed people or freelancers – even if they can prove good income – will not be able to claim Swiss credit for Germans.

Where is he taken?

credit loan

It is often said that there are various banks abroad that provide a Swiss loan for Germans. But if you look closely, you will notice very quickly that most of the offers are from a single bank.

The bank offers the possibility to take out the loan without an intermediary. As a credit-interested one can thus make the loan application directly at the bank and does not have to go the detour via the intermediary.

space Selected loan amount monthly rate offer 1.) 210,678 times 3,000 dollars from 37 dollars to offer 2.) 186,731 times 10,000 dollars from 122 dollars to offer 3.) 106,248 times 1,000 dollars from 12 dollars to offer 4.) 94,578 times 5,000 dollars from 61 dollars to offer 5.) 58,656 times 120,000 dollars from $ 1,429 to offer 6.) 55,724 times 7,500 dollars from 91 dollars to offer Explanation: So often, the respective loan offer was selected in the last 30 days by our readers. As of: 23.09.2019

This is not only faster, but is also much cheaper. In addition, the Sigma Kreditbank has described on its website, all processes and conditions around the Swiss credit for Germans very accurately.

As an interested party, you do not have to search long for the facts about the offer, but can easily read it there. Without prior registration or commitment.

What can be expected?

financial loan

Since it is a schufafreien credit, the interest rates are slightly higher than in classical credit offers from Germany. Whereby the interest burden can also be quickly raised if the credit rating is not optimal.

Three different credit sums are offered. In general, only a small loan up to 7500 dollars is possible.

The repayment starts 2 months after taking out the loan and lasts exactly 40 months. No matter which loan amount you choose.

The interest rate is not variable, it is not credit-dependent. Special repayments or early repayment of the loan are not provided, but can be requested.

It would be important, however, that these two aspects are also noted in the loan agreement so that they do not incur unnecessary costs in the event of their use. All in all, therefore, can be expected with a round offer, which is fair and is geared to the requirements of the borrower.

Online loan bad credit -Loans available for bad credit: secure online application

Loans available for bad credit: 100% Secure Online Application

Applying for a loan available for bad credit is easy on site. If you complete the application form as completely as possible, we will get to work immediately for you. The more complete the application form is, the better we can assess your application. Applying for a loan takes a few minutes of your time, and we will ensure that it has been worth your time.

If we have received your loan application, we will start as soon as possible to get the best out of you.

In some cases, we will contact you for additional information. Our approach is always to get the most out of it. We want the lowest interest and excellent conditions for you so that you get a loan that you feel good about. Even when the loan is taken out, we will be happy to keep in touch with you.

Do you already have a loan?

Already have a loan? But do you need some extras? Then we will check for free whether it is cheaper to repay your current loan. Transferring a loan does not cost you anything extra. Revolving credit can always be transferred without penalty? Do you currently have a personal loan? Even then we are happy to investigate the possibilities for an extra advantageous loan through Creditheriol.

At Creditheriol we put the customer interest first. If you cannot refinance with your loan, it will, of course, be fair to inform you.

Which type of credit do you choose?

At Creditheriol you can choose from different forms of credit. In addition to the revolving credit or personal loan, you can also choose a combination of these two loans with us. The so-called combination loan. With this form of borrowing money, you optimally benefit from the flexibility of the revolving credit and the fixed interest rate of the personal loan. This allows you to make optimum use of the benefits of both forms of credit.

Installment Loan Explanation

The installment loan is currently the most used type of loan. The installment loan statement is actually relatively simple. You pay the installment loan the agreed loan amount in monthly installments. The installment consists of a repayment component and an interest component. The longer the term has progressed, the lower the interest component. As the interest rate decreases, so does the proportion that is used for repayment.

The installment loan an explanation many terms

The installment loan an explanation many terms

In many cases, the installment loan is also used as a personal loan, personal loan, consumer loan or instant loan. The installment loan statement is always the same. Most of the installment loans are available for free use. However, there are also special loans available for certain purchases. For example, there is car loan or home loan. However, the repayment works the same way for all installment loans.

Who receives a installment loan?

Who receives a installment loan?

The installment loan for explanation can be applied for by anyone over the age of 18 years. To get an installment loan, you need a regular income that will allow you to repay the monthly installments. In addition, an assessment of your creditworthiness will be carried out prior to approval by the bank. For this purpose, information about you will be obtained from credit bureau. In the event that your credit bureau information contains negative entries, the loan request will be rejected in most cases. Negative entries arise, for example, in the case of credit cancellations or dunning notices etc.

The non-fictitious installment loan for explanation

The non-fictitious installment loan for explanation

In certain cases, you can also receive a installment loan without credit bureau query. These are available online at special credit intermediaries. The loan itself is then realized through a bank based in Switzerland. A schafafreier installment loan is possible up to a loan amount of 3500 USD. As a prerequisite, you must have a regular income and be employed by the same employer for at least 12 months. In addition, a German account is required on which the wage or salary must be received.

The advantages of applying for loans by mobile phone

Do you urgently need a loan because you have all the appliances? Would you like to enjoy a weekend at a beach paradise, but you have not saved anything in this month? Would you like to give your partner something for Valentine’s Day, but you don’t have enough money? Do you urgently need money to end the month? A good solution to all these needs is to apply for loans by mobile phone, a fantastic alternative to asking for money in traditional financial institutions.What advantages do mobile phone loans offer?

What advantages do mobile phone loans offer?

Unlike traditional banking entities or branches, mobile phone loans have a number of advantages for those who urgently need money in a matter of hours such as the following:

  1. To request loans by mobile phone it is not necessary that you have to go to any bank branch to be able to request it. In this way, from your home, you can perform the management comfortably.
  2. As loans are made through a simple mobile call, the process is much simpler and faster. In addition, you do not need to provide payroll or guarantee to be granted loans by mobile phone; Only with your personal data can you process your request for the granting of the credit.
  3. In a matter of hours, you will have the amount of up to 750 euros in your bank account and you can return them within a period of up to 30 days. Similarly, you can request more than one loan and do not worry if you are on the delinquency list.

In summary, mobile phone loans are, in short, a fantastic alternative to more traditional sources of financing that are increasingly more restrictive in terms of granting these types of loans, due to the new Spanish and European guidelines.

Therefore, without the need for paperwork and in a few hours, with applying for loans by mobile phone you will have at your fingertips the money you need to be able to make a lightning trip to any destination, give a detail to your partner for his birthday, reform the room, replace the television with a Smart TV or, to pamper yourself, buy you the new next-generation mobile.

For all these reasons, you have no excuse so you can ask all these questions thanks to mobile phone loans . So, what are you waiting to ask for loans by mobile phone?

Finance your projects with a personal payday loan

How to finance your projects with a personal payday loan?

How to finance your projects with a personal loan?

You have a project in mind that you would like to achieve but you do not know how to finance? Be aware that the personal payday loan can help you finance all or part of your project. To subscribe with your bank or any other credit organization, the personal payday loan has many advantages. Zoom on this consumer credit!

1. Understand the personal payday loan.

1. Understand the personal loan.

The personal payday loan counts among the consumer credits. A consumer can apply to his bank or an external credit agency to finance a personal project. This credit application is said to be “unaffected” because the lending organization does not have to ask for proof of the use of the funds.

From the moment the financial institution grants this credit to consumption, the borrower uses it in the way he wishes. He can thus finance the purchase of a good, works, a ceremony, a trip or other.

Namely, to protect the borrower, the Consumer Code provides for a withdrawal period after signing the credit agreement. This period is 14 days.

2. The request for a personal payday loan

2. The request for a personal loan

If the request for a personal payday loan can be made by any consumer, it nevertheless requires to collect and send various documents to the lending organization.

To put the odds on your side, you must provide a complete file. This must include:

  • A copy of your ID.
  • A proof of address can be a bill of water or electricity, a letter from the bank or any other administrative paper.
  • A bank or postal identity card.
  • For those receiving a salary, a copy of the last three bulletins.
  • For self-employed and retired persons, a copy of the latest tax notices.
  • For people with property, a copy of the property tax.
  • For people who already have credits in progress, amortization tables.

Through these various documents, the lending agency will be able to study your application and analyze your creditworthiness and your ability to repay.

Note that before applying for consumer credit, it is important that you simulate this application online. There are many simulators that will help you know your ability to repay and therefore whether it is advisable or not to apply for a personal payday loan.

3. The annual percentage rate of charge.

3. The annual percentage rate of charge.

The APR calculates the true cost of a personal payday loan in the form of an annualized percentage. The interest rate alone announced with your personal payday loan offer will not allow you to know the true cost of your credit. To know the total amount, other elements must enter into account.

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge thus takes into account:

The calculation of the annual percentage rate of charge thus takes into account:

  • The nominal loan rate, which is the base rate for calculating interest.
  • Borrower insurance contributions if you subscribe for one to protect yourself. (Note that the lender can not require you to buy this insurance because it is not mandatory).
  • Application fee.
  • You can calculate your APR thanks to the many simulators. For this you will need to fill in:
  • The amount borrowed.
  • The loan term that suits you best.
  • The fixed annual lending rate.
  • Borrower insurance if you have one.
  • Application fee.

By calculating the APR of your personal payday loan via a simulator, you will get the fixed APR, the monthly payment, the monthly cost of your insurance, and the total amount of your loan. Thus, you will know if you are able to repay or not this credit.

How to Make Your Personal Financial Planning in 5 Steps

Travel abroad, meet good restaurants, buy personal items, things for home and even save. Everyone dreams of having a financial life that balances their desires with obligations, while maintaining a future reserve for peace of mind.

At the current time in Brazil, personal financial planning has become an essential strategy for anyone who wants to avoid problems when it comes to money. After all, prices have grown and purchasing power has in many cases not accompanied this rise.

According to Jarndyce family’s Consumer Habits survey, residential bills such as water and electricity, as well as pay TV, internet and telephone expenses were 47% higher in 2015. This type of expense now represents 9% of the Brazilian budget In August. An increase of 73% compared to January.

What to do in front of this scenario? Do not worry! We’ve produced this article to help you. They are precious tips to create an efficient personal financial planning, based on small changes of habits, discipline and care in your day to day.

The Importance of Personal Financial Planning

The Importance of Personal Financial Planning

Financial planning allows you to establish strategies and ways to achieve life goals and objectives, such as:

  • Buying a property
  • Ride tour
  • Changing a vehicle
  • Increase in income

It will help you balance your expenses and revenues by leaving your bills in the blue. But much more than an activity, planning is an action that works well for the pocket and the mind.

By understanding what needs to be done today to get more financial reassurance tomorrow, you can also take care of yourself.

According to a Northwestern Mutual study in 2014, people who plan financially, feel safer, and contribute to their future goals. Another major research, the PFEEF, conducted in 2012, points out that 23% of people who have financial problems have had depression.

Do you understand what that means? Personal financial planning goes far beyond numbers. And the most important: to see and feel results, just start.

Rule of 50, 15, 35

Jarndyce family always suggests understanding this strategy before beginning any personal financial planning. Because? It is a very simple rule that helps you balance the bills, but it also allows you to have an overview of what your behavior should be in relation to your finances.

  • 50% of your monthly income should be earmarked for basic expenses, rent, electricity bill, gas, telephone, school, gasoline, English courses, medical insurance and supermarket.
  • 15% should be earmarked for financial priorities, better known as debt.
  • 35% would be spent on lifestyle-related expenses, or non-essential expenses such as restaurants, gym, beauty salon, travel and shopping in general.

Each case is different. It is important to stress that this is a basic methodology. Its application depends on variables that change according to income, level of indebtedness and personal tastes.

How To Make Your Personal Financial Planning

How To Make Your Personal Financial Planning

It is neither impossible nor laborious. The results can happen daily, and in a month, your accounts will already feel the reflection.

Despite the long and difficult face name, personal financial planning can be accomplished with simple attitudes, being adaptable to any kind of reality and fully applicable in people’s lives.

We’ve prepared these steps for you to take good care of your pocket and make everything blue.

1. Financial education

1. Financial education

Knowing the importance and function of money is essential. It seems silly, but the lack of knowledge about the financial universe makes people make the wrong decisions and plunge into complicated problems.

A survey conducted by the Rosenfield Institute in 2012 showed that 44.4% of the Brazilian population uses savings as an investment, followed by the current account with 37%.

That is, most of the people, not to go deeper into the topic, stop making money, especially in the medium and long term.

Another interesting point of the survey shows that 47% use friends and family as the main source of information. That’s where the secret lives: look for specialists to educate yourself financially.

2. Set Goals

Planning means future. You act now, if structure, to get well in one place. But this place needs to be very clear. Because otherwise you get lost and you’re not going anywhere.

Therefore, set goals and objectives, establishing two things: deadlines and values. It is no use to want to buy a house without knowing how much and when to pay. Or a car and even a trip.

Example: I want to buy a car, in the amount of $ 35,000, within 2 years. In that case, your ultimate goal is clear. You know you need to save exact $ 1,458 a month to reach it.

3. Save and Save Money

3. Save and Save Money

Money in the hand is gale, the poet had already said. Knowing how to use the right amount to spend and save money are one of the great secrets of personal financial planning.

  • Save: Search for prices before you buy. Evaluate each item in the grocery store and see if you are not making superfluous expenses. Try to balance the lunch hour, for example by reserving three to four days of the week for more restaurants.
  • Save: How about you reserve 10% of your budget to save? At this time, it is worth the discipline or some kind of investment that automatically makes the rescue, so you do not have to save the money every month.

4. Write down expenses and income people

4. Write down expenses and income people

You have set your goal and want to save, but you need to know exactly what your expenses are. It’s time to score. Record your everything. From the bullet after lunch to the purchase of the month in the supermarket. The Pocket Guide also gives tips on how to perform a daily spending control.

5. Personal cash flow

5. Personal cash flow

It may seem like company financial thing, but a cash flow is a great partner for your personal financial planning. It is a tool that, simplified for your day to day life, will help you understand where the expenses are and what needs to be reallocated.

  • Accounts payable: these are your fixed and variable expenses. The rent, the provision of the car, a trip to the restaurant or the day laborer.
  • Accounts receivable: your salary, extra work done in the month.

Make the difference between what you have to pay and what to receive. Understand where you should work to improve your financial life.

Insufficient Housing: Definition and Procedure


The state of insalubrity is declared when the observed deteriorations present a serious danger for the occupants or the neighborhood. It may concern a building in its entirety or an occupied or vacant dwelling. In the case of a co-ownership, the insalubrity can affect the common or private parts.

The declaration of insalubrity

The causes often concern problems related to the strength of the building, the absence or non-compliance of the networks (electricity, water, heating and sanitation) and sometimes the discovery of hazardous materials during real estate diagnoses, such as l asbestos or lead.

As soon as a case is declared, the DASS ( Department of Sanitary and Social Affairs ) is seized and writes a report to the prefect of the department. He then consults the departmental council of hygiene (CDH) before making the necessary decisions.

The different situations

The different situations

Case of irremediable insalubrity

If the DASS considers that the problem can not be solved by works, the prefectural decree may then prohibit the occupants from continuing to lodge. Some cases of irremediable insalubrity can force the prefect to order the demolition of the building.

Case of remediable insalubrity

If, on the other hand, the DASS considers that it is a case of insalubrity remediable, the prefect will specify by order prefectural in which time the work will be carried out as well as their conditions of execution.

Tenants and relocation

Tenants may suspend the payment of rents from the notification of the order of insalubrity. When the dwellings have been struck with a temporary prohibition of occupation, the owner has the obligation to find a solution for relocation for the tenant during the period of the work. The costs incurred by the relocation being borne by the owner.

The obligation to inform

If the prefect concludes that he is unsanitary, he must inform the occupants of the building one month before consulting the HRC . The latter can then inform the prefect of their remarks.
The notification of the order is transmitted to the owners. When the work concerns the common parts of a co-ownership, this notification is then given to the trustee, at his charge to inform then the occupants.

It can also proceed by public display at the town hall of the place of residence and on the building itself.

Execution of unsanitary work

Upon notification of the declaration of insalubrity, the owner has a deadline to have the work done. When these are carried out in accordance with the specifications drawn up by the prefect, the latter then requests the release of the order.

Release of the order

The prefect notes by order the conformity of the realization of the prescribed works and their date of completion. He pronounces the release of the decree.

Case where the work was not executed

The owner who does not perform the work within the prescribed time receives a formal notice to perform the work. Otherwise, the mayor or the prefect may order the ex officio execution of the works to be borne by the owner.

If the landlord attempts to re-let the property, he faces a sentence of up to two years imprisonment and a fine of up to € 75,000.