TOP 12 Banks That Offer the Lowest Interest on Loans in 2019 Online Loan

In March 2019 , we conducted research to find banks that provide loans with the lowest interest rates on consumer loans. We are glad to share with you the results.

Minimum interest on cash loans.

Minimum interest on cash loans.

Bank Percent Request
Home credit from 10.9% To issue
Renaissance Credit for 1 hour from 11.3% To issue
Raiffeisen Bank from 11.4% To issue
East Bank Without failure from 11.5% To issue
SKB-Bank from 11.99% To issue
Sovcom Bank from 12% To issue
Tinkoff Bank from 12% To issue
Mail Bank from 12.9% To issue
RosBank from 13.5% To issue
OTP Bank from 14.9% To issue
UBRD up to 7 years from 15% To issue
Alfa Bank from 15.99% To issue

You can get a loan at 12% per annum and below in Renaissance, Tinkoff Bank, Vostochny, the advantage of these banks is that they consider applications without providing a certificate of employment. Sovcombank and UBRD also do not require proof of income, but their minimum bracket is from 12% per annum. It is quite possible to get money at a relatively low percentage of 15% at Alfa-Bank.

Low interest loan

Bank “Home Credit” – loans up to 50 0 000 rubles from 10.9%!

Home Credit Bank is the leader in consumer loans at the point of sale. To apply online and receive a loan, you only need a passport.
A wide product line for clients of different social status. Regular customers additional favorable terms. Customer deposits are insured.
The bank is actively involved in social life.

Online application for a loan at Home Credit Bank →

Summary: Home Credit Bank ranks first in the consumer credit market, due to its low interest rates, customer focus and modern services.

Low interest cash loan

“Renaissance Credit” – up to 700,000 rubles at 11.3%

A bank with small interest rates, where you can get a consumer loan on two documents. It works in almost all major cities of Russia, issues cash on the same day for a period of up to 5 years, has a special program for retirees.

Online application to Renaissance Credit Bank →

Summary: Renaissance Credit is the bank with the lowest interest rates, where you can apply for a loan on two documents.

Low interest cash loans

Low interest cash loans

Raiffeisen Bank – single rate 10.99% for a loan amount up to 2 million rubles

The bank follows the highest quality standards in its work; therefore, customers trust it and agree to long-term cooperation.
For a loan of up to 300,000 rubles, you only need a passport; up to 1,000,000 rubles – passport and proof of income; up to 2,000,000 rubles – passport, proof of income and employment. Term use from 1 year to 5 years.
The decision on the online application is taken in 2 minutes. You can get an approved loan at the office or with free courier delivery.

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Summary: Raiffeisen Bank provides loans for large amounts at a reduced interest rate.

Low interest loans

Low interest loans

Vostochny Bank – low interest and high odds

In our opinion, there are not the smallest rates at Vostochny Bank, but here, there are maximum chances for application approval, even for borrowers with a poor credit history. In this bank, you can get a loan on a passport, without a certificate of income and any additional documents. Applications are accepted online and are reviewed within 5-10 minutes.

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Summary: Bank “Vostochny” – not the smallest interest, but the maximum chance of approval of the application.

The lowest interest on the loan

SKB-Bank is a simple and convenient loan.
SKB-Bank grants consumer loans in the amount of up to 300 thousand rubles without a certificate of income, up to 1.3 million rubles if there is a certificate. Interest rate of 9.9%. Loan term from 1 to 5 years. An application for a loan is considered up to 2 business days. Early repayment without commissions and fines is possible.
Comfortable, modern and free internet bank and mobile application.
Instant money transfers between cards of any banks.

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Summary: “SKB-Bank” – low interest on loans for any purpose; universal online service.

Take a small loan

Sovcom Bank is in the top 10 banks with the most profitable loans in 2018.
In Sovcom Bank, you can get a loan in the amount of 5 thousand to 1 million rubles for a period of 1 to 5 years. Interest rate – from 12% per annum. For a loan of up to 40 thousand rubles, you only need a passport. The best offer is a loan of 100,000 rubles for 1 year at 12% per annum. You can make an online application in 2 minutes.
There are special credit programs for pensioners. A large amount can be obtained on the security of a car or real estate.
If there is a bad credit history, the bank offers the program “Credit Doctor”.

Online application for a loan in Sovcom Bank →

Summary: Sovcom Bank is a large financial institution with attractive consumer lending conditions.

Take a consumer loan at a minimum percentage

Take a consumer loan at a minimum percentage

Tinkoff Bank is a modern and practical bank with a full range of financial services.
A loan of up to 2 million rubles for 1-3 years is issued without references, guarantors and a visit to the bank. The interest rate on the loan of 12%.
All applications are processed online, the courier will deliver the card from 1 to 7 days to any place. Perhaps a partial early repayment – at any time by phone. Free top-up at 300,000 points in Russia. There are mortgage lending programs.
The first Russian bank, which completely abandoned branches. Banking operations are instantly carried out by phone or via the Internet.

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Summary: Tinkoff Bank is the best online retail bank with various credit and debit cards for any needs.

Consumer credit the most favorable conditions

Pochta Bank is a new retail bank with branches in Russian post offices.
In the “Mail Bank” you can get a loan of up to 1.5 million rubles for a period of 1 to 5 years. We need only a passport and SNILS. When paying from 10,000 rubles a month, the interest rate decreases from 12.9% to 10.9%. The decision on the application is made in 1 minute.
The Element 120 bank card allows you to make purchases with a payment within 120 days. The bank has special conditions on loans for education and loans for pensioners .

Online application for a loan in Mail Bank →

Summary: Pochta Bank is a universal retail bank with affordable loans for various purposes.

Banks consumer credit

Banks consumer credit

Rosbank is part of the Societe Generale group, the leading universal European bank.
The bank offers a “Just Money” loan without collateral in the amount of 50,000 to 3,000,000 rubles with an interest rate of 13.5% to 19.5% for a period of 13 to 84 months. You need a passport and an income statement, if the amount exceeds 400,000 rubles, the bank requests additional data. The credit limit can be increased by presenting information about additional income. More attractive conditions are offered for borrowers who receive wages to an account at Rosbank, employees of partner companies, retirees, state employees, etc.
In Rosbank, 8 out of 10 applications for a loan are approved.

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Summary: Rosbank offers loan programs at rates above average.

Profitable loan

Profitable loan

“OTP Bank” is a universal credit organization, a member of the international financial group OTP (OTP Group).
In “OTP Bank” you can get a loan in the amount of 15,000 to 4,000,000 rubles. Rates range from 10.5% to 14.9%, determined by the bank, taking into account the risk level of the client. Loan term up to 7 years. Application processing time from 15 minutes to 1 business day. There is a paid service “Transfer of the date of payment.”
Bank offices in 3,700 locations across the country. In addition to private individuals, the bank cooperates with small and medium-sized businesses, develops credit solutions for corporate clients, and is a reliable partner for financial organizations.

Online application for a loan in OTP Bank →

Summary: OTP Bank provides loans to corporate clients and individuals, the interest rate is determined individually.

Take a bank loan at the minimum percentage

Take a bank loan at the minimum percentage

UBRD is the largest bank in Russia offering high-quality service and simple financial solutions.
The bank offers three types of loan products:
● “Available” credit – up to 200,000 rubles with an interest rate of 11% without references and guarantors only on a passport;
● “Open” credit – up to 1 500 000 rubles, the rate of 11%, you need a passport and certificate of income;
● “ Credit card 120 days” – from 30,000 to 299,999 rubles for 3 years. Interest for the use of the loan does not accrue the first 120 days, after the grace period expires the rate is 28-31%. For registration you need a passport and certificate of income.
Commission for card account maintenance and withdrawals. Early repayment is free.

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Summary: UBRD provides loans for various requests at affordable interest rates.

Best cash loans

Best cash loans

Alfa-Bank is the largest Russian private bank, one of the top 10 most important credit institutions.
Universal bank, carrying out all major types of banking operations, serving private and corporate clients, investment banking, trade finance, etc.
A cash loan of up to 3,000,000 rubles is issued at Alfa Bank with an interest rate of 11.99% for a period of 1 to 5 years.
Consumer credit up to 1 000 000 rubles is issued at a rate of 14.99%, the first 100 days do not accrue interest for using money. Only need a passport.
Alfa Bank has a huge selection of credit and debit cards , mortgage lending options and deposits, free services for savings, refinancing programs and loans secured by property.
The approval percentage is the highest.

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Summary: Alfa-Bank is a reliable bank that holds leadership positions and offers various services on favorable terms.

How to get a low-interest consumer loan?

How to get a low-interest consumer loan?

Start with “your” bank. If you receive a salary on the card, apply for money to the bank that issued this card. You are probably waiting for lower interest rates and minimum requirements for a package of documents. For example: a standard consumer loan in Alfa-Bank is 15.99%. And if you get a salary at stake, the interest rate is reduced to 13.99%

To increase the chances of finding the most favorable conditions, consider several options. Apply in two or three places at the same time , find out your individual rate and select the bank that will offer the most favorable conditions.

Collect documents. Many banks issue loans in cash without a certificate of income, and sometimes just on the passport of a Russian citizen. This is convenient, but if you expect low interest rates, try to prove your financial situation with some documents. Best of all – help on the form 2-NDFL and a copy of the workbook.